My projects


An artist should nourish their creativity as well as find new and original ways to distribute art with the aim to combine their ideas to those of others in order to initiate new forms of communication.

To get noticed in a market that definitely is armoured to the new proposals, it’s important to seek ways and forms of communication very original. Italian publishers and producers hardly notice new trends until they become a phenomenon. In other words, Italian publishers and producers have deprived themselves of the role of talent scout and they have abdicated the risk to invest in a new generation of artists, a risk that’s should be fundamental to their job.

It’s not difficult to understand that who choose the way of safety will never be an innovator able to change the World. Who can change the World is the artist who is not afraid of the future and always has new projects and ideas in mind, a person who works hard to reach his projects without complaint. An artist is everyone who can do all of that regardless of their job.

I have proudly contributed to the creation of two cultural projects that I have followed with passion. They were: “A Priceless Novel” and the “Theatre In Library”.

A Priceless Novel 


“A priceless novel” is the project that produces a novel by using the financial contribution of commercial realities which, through the placement of advertising space into the novel, support the printing cost.
The price of the novel is chosen by the readers between a minimum to a maximum. Actually, it is improper to speak of “price” because the novel is not really published and it is not on the market, therefore, it cannot be bought. The reader pays a simple reimbursement of expenses which will allow the author to print additional copies of the novel.  [Read more]

Theatre in Library

“Theatre In Library” was the project which promoted novels through theatrical performances that had the structure of a Movie Trailer. During the performance, in fact, the fundamental dynamics of a novel were revealed but not the final. The aim was to excite the viewer to the plot and entice him to buy the book and find out how the story would end. [Read more]