I ♥ Teaching Italian

In a way, I would say that my passion for language started a long time ago when I was a child and my great passion was to write Fiction. As a teen, I was literally in love with American Comedy movies as well as American writers so I started studying English with the aim of being able to understand the original versions of my favourite movies and novels.
Things happened in life and some years later, when my English was good, some artists asked me to be their Italian teacher. My first experience was absolutely positive and it started my career. Since then I have taught musicians, composers, writers, entrepreneurs, teachers and many professionals.

I have built my own really effective method of teaching and I also have experience in teaching Italian for the PLIDA exams (PLIDA certification evaluates individuals skills in Italian as a foreign language according to a six-tier scale).

I have been teaching Italian L2/Ls since 2000. I would definitely say that… I ♥ my job.

If you want to learn Italian with me, we can do it via Skype unless you would like to arrange in-person intensive courses (2-week/4-week course) in your home, in public places or place of business. I live in Rome (Italy) at the moment.

Please contact me for pricing, scheduling or for learning more about my method of teaching.

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