Something about me

One day, a very special person was asked to define me in a few words and this person said:

“Marzia is a storyteller, a novelist, a writer who is able to weave threads of her life and of the others using reality and fantasy, irony and poetry.”

Although none of my writings had been published and literary agents had been keeping ignoring my work, this person had given the highest definition that a writer may ever wish.
Since then, I started acting as I was the best writer ever.

I know, it was a little bit arrogant of me. However, who we are and the value that we have, it is something that concerns only ourselves, our life and our self-consciousness. Otherwise, we couldn’t create beautiful things, as we do, in spite of the enormous obstacles and fears that often stand in our way of happiness.

My career as a storyteller started during my childhood when I used to tell lots of lies to keep people’s attention for hours. As soon as I learnt to write, I began to pour my stories on paper. Immediately, I understood that, once they were written, my old lies were more intricate, more complex, enriched with suspense and with unpredictable endings. I was happy!

However, some people used to repeat me that Life is a matter of money. And you cannot make money by just writing stories. So, what about studying Law? I did it. I took my degree, and then I had a Certificate in Business Strategy just to realized that Life is not a matter of money. Actually, those days my life was a matter of boredom. Every day was exactly the same monotonous day. I had the feeling of being a Guinea pig into a cage, spending its time just running on a little wheel.

Before starting eating seeds I quit my career as a Marketing Manager and I started writing full time.

Since then, I have written three novels and the fourth is being drafted. I have written 15 scripts, all on stage. I have also written a full-length film in Italian and a full-length film in English, a short-length film in Italian and a short-length film in English. I am the co-founder of two cultural projects which promote theatrical performances and help novels to be distributed for free.

I am still ignored by literate agents and publishing companies, but my life is more exacting than what it used to be.