I ♥ Novels


I love all forms of writing but the novel remains my great love par excellence. I love the complexity in the plot, even when it is developed linearly. I love the pace of development, the succession of emotions and images, time shifts, characters, environments, smells and music that can arise from a good writing.

I’m fascinated by the fact that a novel, even when it is all written, is not really finished because, in order to truly live and vibrate, it needs of the reader, the only one who can add life to the story by using his unique imagination. A writer can be very scrupulous in writing descriptions, images and situations, but the novel will always have an indefinable part which can be completed only by the imagination of the reader who becomes a partaker creator of the story.

I believe that without the reader, the writer can do just part of the job: a story needs both the writer and the reader to exist. A good writer allows the reader’s imagination to complete his work.

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