I ♥ Theatre


The Theatre teaches how to write.

It is writing and rewriting scripts for theatrical performances that a young playwright learns how to manage the dialogue, to give rhythm to the scenes, to handle the entrances and exits of the characters. It is also the best way to learn how to organise the stage and how to use the lights. A good theatrical performance is made of the words spoken as well as those unspoken where the intentions make the difference.

I have fallen in love with playwriting since the first time I read a script. I was in elementary school and what I had on hand was the “Don Quixote”. While the other kids were fighting for the main roles, I was dreaming of my first script. I started writing it some days later. Many years later, my first theatrical script was ready to go on stage.

What I really love are those minutes that anticipate the opening of the curtain before getting on stage. The emotions of the actors, director and technicians spread all over the backstage, they flow as thin invisible wires and eventually, they hit me. Everytime it happens, I can not help but move me.

I get excited when I see a character, which I’ve created, comes to life using the body and the soul of the actor who is giving them life, and I’m so happy when I see my characters moving on the stage following the director’s directions as they are following an ineluctable fate.

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