Your New Italian Teacher

Do you wish to learn Italian in the best way ever? I wish to teach you Italian in the best way ever so tell me why you want or need to learn Italian and I will be able to help you to reach your goal.

Together we go through the secret of this passionate language. You will discover how to “sing” this extraordinary Latin language, the importance of intonation and how to use it to formulate questions and sentences as well as to express satisfaction or complain.

You will also learn the Italian gestures and Italian body language which are as important as the language itself. Moreover, you’ll learn the methods to speak and understand Italian language and Italian people more easily.

I teach in a fun and engaging manner tailored to your particular needs. I have been teaching Italian Ls/L2 since 2000. I would definitely say that… I ♥ my job.

If you want to learn Italian with me, we can do it on Skype unless you would like to arrange in-person intensive courses (2-week/4-week course) in your home, in public places or place of business. I live in Rome (Italy) at the moment.

Please contact me for pricing, scheduling or for learning more about my method of teaching.

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