What my students think about me

“I am very pleased to recommend Professor Marzia Pez as a superior teacher to foreigners on all levels of the Italian language as well as to native Italians who wish to perfect their own mother tongue. With her unique teaching method the student quite rapidly learns to speak and interact in simple and later more complex conversations with her and others while the new Italian vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar is being built.”
Ronald R. F. | Professor of Clinical Psychiatry | Columbia University – New York

“I arrived in Rome without any Italian Language skills at all (…) During the 4 weeks I stayed in the city Marzia perfectly led me to that target basic communication level and even further. The whole course was greatly aligned with my objectives and the lessons were flexibly shaped dependent on my linguistical strengths and weaknesses. In addition to her professional teaching approach, Marzia’s very congenial manner made the whole course highly effective and enjoyable.”
Samuel K. | Computer Engineering Manager – Switzerland

“I engaged Marzia once a week for three months to help me prepare for a ten-day business trip to northern Italy.  We connected via Skype and she was a great help with my pronunciation and provided me with some basic phrases for me to use in a professional setting.  I am now able to put together simple sentences and am feeling much more confident about communicating with people during my travels.”
Anne C. | Graphic arts librarian | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences | Los Angeles, California

“The challenge I gave Ms Pez was to help me to improve my level of comprehension. My difficulty was not so much in speaking but in understanding what Italian speakers were saying. When people speak to me, I froze. She taught me an innovative 5 step listening process which I have followed ever since. It was a valuable process which is not only allowed me to improve but has given me confidence in the language.”
D. Ian W. | Chair, Finance Committee Massey College | University of Toronto

“I am writing to attest to Ms Marzia Pez’s superb qualities as a teacher of Italian. She proved herself to be an excellent teacher: warm, enthusiastic, adaptable, and, above all, highly competent in her teaching. I was struck by how quickly she gauged my existing skill level. I was especially grateful for how sensitive she was to my vulnerabilities and hesitancies as a learner. (…) My learning experiences engendered in me a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Italian language and culture, along with my admiration of Ms Pez’s capabilities as a teacher.”
Dr. Thomas Cho – Australian Writer

“It was clear from the very start that Marzia is very passionate about teaching – her lessons were always well prepared and captivating, and her passion for her beautiful language was contagious, motivating students to work hard in their own time to practise the skill taught. Marzia has the ability to quickly gauge student needs and adapt her lessons accordingly.”
Anthony W. | Director, Aldon Tutoring Centres | Manly West, Queensland – Australia

“Marzia has been engaging, creative and, once more, professional in all of my dealings with her. There are teachers who do their jobs because it is their profession… and then there are teachers who thoroughly enjoy what they do, and it shows through their work. I believe Marzia is the latter.”
Michelle D. | English Teacher  - IH Brisbane Australian International House School